Carbon Medical introduction

Our company is determined to bring numerous useful innovations in Healthcare, which may facilitate or prolong the lives of our citizens through innovative solutions.

We place great emphasis on prevention and early diagnosis, therefore soon more healthcare products will be available in our webshop. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our team


Tibor Szatmari


As the CEO of the company I am determined to bring numerous useful innovations in Healthcare.


Laura Szatmari

Business leader

As head of our health sector, I am responsible for the efficient organisation and smooth conduct of the various work processes.


Eliza Vagreti

Marketing director

As a marketing director, my most important job is to help the operation of our business with complex marketing approach and work.

Melis Mónika

Monika Melis

Manager assistant

As a manager assistant, my most important job is to support the work of managers for the successful operation of the company.

Jancsika Ákos

Akos Jancsika

Logistics manager

As a logistics manager, I am involved in assembling packages, maintaining the warehouse, and managing the delivery process.

Gábor Kinga

Kinga Gabor

Office assistant

As an office assistant, I am responsible for performing administrative tasks and supporting staff as well as customers.


Nikolett Petofalvi-Jenei

Customer service assistant

As a customer service assistant, I provide assistance to customers by phone, chat, and email.